Flipping Teams

Ever struggled to learn what it takes to climb up the ladder? It could be about who you know, but what if it can be about how they get to know you?
Flipping Teams teaches you how to set yourself apart through leadership and team development and helps you discover a secret path that has always been there, but very few truly see it. That’s because our culture doesn’t want you to see it.
Learn how to take advantage of this secret path while developing yourself and others to achieve personal and professional goals using the five pillar leadership system. Unlike other systems you may have read about, this system not only breaks it down for you to easily understand using real life examples, but how to execute down to the daily routines. It also supplies tips, best practices and key notes for you to truly maximize your development.



Pacific Review

“This is the perfect read for anyone with an interest in business and those looking to either become a team leader or strengthen oneself as they already tackle the role of team leader. It is refreshing to read a book in this genre that was easy to understand as the author did a marvelous job of keeping my interest invested throughout.”

by Tony Espinoza

U.S. Reviews:

“Not bogged down like many of its contemporaries…this guide wastes no time in establishing itself as a masterful handbook for career development. While obviously well-versed in his subject matter, the author still uses down-to-earth language to emphasize his points and cleverly provides insights for both the worker and the management. It’s not a typical motivational sermon but rather an effective roadmap to build and maintain a more productive culture for any walk of life.”

by Robert Buccellato